“Coaching is about facilitating positive change by improving thinking, creating awareness by showing blind spots. Coaching is 'showing mirror'.” - Unknown

  • Consultant provides facts, figures and solution for a problem and does a job for you.
  • Trainer provides specialized knowledge and follows a standard curriculum
  • Mentoring is about hand-holding and shows how something is done. Mentor needs to be subject matter expert (SME) and have relevant experience in that area.
  • In Coaching, Client sets the agenda. Coach asks powerful questions. Client finds his own solution. Coaching supports personal and professional overall growth. Conversation is the primary tool.

Coaching is all about solving problems by asking series of powerful questions and encouraging you to formulate answers. The assumption is what people have all needed resources, skills and knowledge to create and makes a difference.

Three Principles of Coaching

  • Fulfillment: Identifying own values makes the difference for who we are. Finding what stays behind own decisions makes all choices aware. It’s not about having more. A fulfilling life is a valued life.
  • Balance: Understanding self is the foundation of the ability to understand others. Balance is about awareness and clarity; saying yes to some things and no to others; prioritizing what is important and choosing what really build happiness.   
  • Progress: Coach’s job is to notice, point out and be with clients wherever they are in their process. The main goal is: Action. Change. Progress. 

Seven Contexts of Coaching Process

  • Listening. Ability to hear and listen own thoughts (conscious and subconscious).
  • Curiosity. Passion to discover, understand and change.
  • Forward and Deepen: Action as a result of working with Mind, Spirit and Body. Courage to deepen into own limits and expanding them, beside the risk of failure. Failure is one of the fastest way of learning.
  • Self-Management. Being in balance with own values and desires will empower is with control over self (in terms of personal grow and relations).
  • Set up some ground rules. How the partnership between coach and client will look like. Time, duration, logistics.
  • Desired destination. Where is “Here” and where is “There”. Assessment of personal and professional abilities and achievement. Successes and failures are celebrated.
  • Designing future: Plan for the future is designed. Working with present and future, rather than the past. Evaluating experience, feelings, emotions, and fears. Using them to build awareness and confidence, and expand the comfort zone.


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